WolkyTolky Drain Monitoring System

With the WolkyTolky Drain Monitoring System, you can automate drain monitoring.

More and continuous insight

If a plant is not given water for too long, it becomes stressed. This can significantly reduce the yield.

As a grower, you don’t want to be dependent on one or a few employees who check the drain manually.

With the WolkyTolky Drain Monitoring System, you automate the check. Steering on drip cycles can therefore be faster and more accurate.

How does the Drain Monitoring System work?

The WolkyTolky Drain Monitoring System (DMS) measures the flow of the from incoming water and the flow of the outgoing drain that has flowed through substrate. This allows us to detect a irrigation cycle and calculate the drain. In case of too little incoming water, too little drain or too late drain in the morning, the system can give alarms so you can act quickly. This allows a plant to grow much more consistently, increasing the yield per plant.

With the optional pH and EC sensors, the pH and EC values can be measured both in the incoming water and in the drain water. Alarms can also be set here. The dosage of fertilizers can thus be optimally controlled.


Insight into the drain throughout the day

Through clear graphs you can see how many milliliters of water go in and out per irrigation cycle. In the same graph you can also see the development of the drain during the day.

Because you can set alarms if the drain starts too late in the morning, you can act much faster and prevent stress in the plant.

Drain app
Drain overview

Comprehensive analysis in the web portal

In our web portal you can make extensive analyses. This gives you insight into the drain, EC and pH values throughout the growing season. With this insight, you can optimize watering, which benefits the yield.

Differences in tap areas can also be analyzed more quickly here.

Gerco“With the WolkyTolky Drain Monitoring System, we can see the percentage of drain faster and more accurately. Even per irrigation cycle! This provides us with enormous time and cost savings.

More insight into the drain allows us to water less at some times, than we were used to before. Moreover, I am now always informed, wherever I am.”

Gerco van Zuilen
Head of field operations by Berrybrothers

Bendict Gänger“With the WolkyTolky Drain Monitoring System I have a live view and a good overview of the daily %-drain. This is not possible with manual measurements.

When I am on the road I always have an additional control whether the irrigation is working well. Besides, with the Drain Monitoring System we can save labor costs, because everything runs fully automatically.”

Benedikt Gänger
Gänger Spargel und Erdbeeren

What does the WolkyTolky Drain Monitoring System measure?

WolkyTolky DMS Basic

  • Drain
  • flow IN
  • flow OUT

WolkyTolky DMS PHEC

  • Drain
  • flow IN
  • flow OUT
  • pH IN
  • pH OUT
  • EC IN
  • EC OUT


  • Drain
  • flow IN
  • flow OUT
  • pH IN
  • pH OUT
  • EC IN
  • EC OUT
  • Volume Water Content in substrate
  • EC in substrate
  • Temperature in substrate

Benefits of the WolkyTolky Drain Monitoring System


  • Continuous insight into the drain
  • Alerts in case of no or too little drain
  • Cost savings compared to manual measurements
  • Enables more efficient water management
  • Consistent crop growth
  • Improved harvest quality
  • Increased yield
  • Peace of mind for you as a grower

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