Improve the yield with WolkyTolky pHEC

The WolkyTolky pHEC provides greater and continuous insight into the growth of plants in container growing.


Greater and continuous insight

WolkyTolky pHEC automates the measurement of pH, EC, flow and drain water providing you, as a grower, with information throughout the day.

You therefore no longer have to depend on one or a few manual measurements each day. This enables irrigation to be adjusted more swiftly and more accurately.

“With WolkyTolky pHEC, adjustments based on drain water are much simpler. Plant growth is much more uniform”.

Wilbert Heijligers

raspberry grower.

How does it work?

WolkyTolky pHEC measures the pH, EC and flow at 2 points in the irrigation:
Before the water enters the containers and in a drain tray for the drainage water from the containers.

Continuous comparison of these data provides you with an insight into the uptake of water and nutrients by the plant. The drain water is also calculated automatically from these data


Insight into drain water during the day.

Clear graphs show you, for each period of time, the flow for both the ingoing and outgoing water. In the same graph you also see the drain water during the day

Drain example

Growing Degree Hours (GDH)

The growing degree hours option gives you an insight into plant growth during the growing season. This enables you to predict more accurately when harvesting can start.

What does the WolkyTolky pHEC measure?

  • pH IN
  • pH OUT
  • EC IN
  • EC OUT
  • flow IN
  • flow OUT
  • Drain (%)

Growing degree hours option:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Number of growing hours tailored to the plants





Advantages of WolkyTolky pHEC

  • Greater insight into plant needs
  • Cost savings compared to manual measurements
  • Improved plant growth
  • Greater yield
  • Enables more efficient irrigation
  • Alerts if thresholds are exceeded
  • Faster intervention possible







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